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Flounder gigging is done at night, with powerful lights to illuminate the bay bottom, and all the fish that live on the shallow flats. Flounder are usually found in shallow, clear water at night, and can be gigged in anywhere from 2" of water to 4 feet of water. Flounder "bury" themselves on the bottom of the shallow flats, trying to ambush a meal. Because they are trying to ambush their prey, they do not run away when a boat with lights approaches. To gig the flounder, one simply stabs the fish with a multi-prong gig and lifts the fish into the boat. Anyone can do this, it takes very little time to learn, and people from 4 years old to 95 years old have gigged fish with Night Stalker.

All of my gigging is done from my 26 foot flat-bottom custom flounder boat. There is no need to get in the water, and all the equipment is provided. The boat is complete with outboard, air-motor, full underwater / above water lights, and all of the latest GPS and safety equipment. The boat can accommodate up to 6 adults, and has comfortable seats for all passengers. When fully loaded with 6 people and gear, the boat still floats in 4-5 inches of water, making it easy to get into the shallow water where the flounder hide.

Capt. Rick has been a full-time flounder gigging guide since 2002 (17 years of experience). He knows how to handle all different kinds of groups, and loves having kids and families on the boat.

One of the most interesting things at night, is all of the marine life you can see from the boat. With the airmotor running and flounder lights on, the fish seem unaware of your presence, and the flats come to life with activity. On a typical night you will see the following species in large numbers: Flounder, Redfish, Mullet, Stingray, Needlefish, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Speckled Trout, Croaker, Blue Crab, Stone Crab, Shrimp, and Alligator Gar.

When you go gigging with Capt. Rick, you will need to bring the following items.

• Valid saltwater fishing license
• Bug spray
• Light windbreaker/rain jacket
• Cooler with drinks/snacks (alcohol is OK)

Flounder gigging trips depart at sunset, and typically last 3-8 hours, depending on fishing success. The limit on flounder is 5 per person, with 14" minimum, and the guide can not keep any fish. Black drum and sheephead are also legal to gig. Capt. Rick can also accommodate bow-fishing, but please bring your own equipment if you want to bow-fish.

Capt. Rick's Boat

It is 26' long and 9 feet wide. I can accomodate groups of up to 6 people with ease.



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Big Flounder Hall-of-Fame for 2018

Scott F. with 9 pound, 28 inch flounder on 12/4/2018

Largest flounder of 2018

Second Largest flounder of 2018 - 8 pounds - 27" - 12/11/2018

Gigged on 12/9/2018 - 7 pounds - 27"

Gigged on 12/10/2018 - 7 pounds - 27"


11 pound, 30 inch flounder gigged in December 2009

Our biggest ever!


10 pound, 30 inch flounder gigged on December 6, 2016

Tie for 2nd biggest ever!


10 pound, 28 inch flounder gigged in December 2005

Tie for 2nd biggest ever!

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